In October, Marshallom Metal Manufacture (Huizhou) CO., Ltd welcomed another happy event that Marshallom becomes the partner of the Hua Shan Lun Jian(华商论见), a TV show of CCTV which invites Chinese entrepreneur to discuss and express their views, and Alan Wu, V.P of Marshallom Group, attended the show recorded as a special guest.


During the program recording, Mr. Alan Wu (Hereinafter referred to as “Alan”) has a deeply communication and discussion together with the host and two special invited consultants on the below issues: the problems that Chinese businessmen encounter for, the direction and situation that Chinese entrepreneur in now and in the future, the personnel training and incentives, the positive effect of current national policies on the enterprise development, and specific policies they hope government can take to guide the business development.  

I. Innovation


When referred to the issue of innovation, Alan said that: “Marshallom is a traditional labor intensive enterprise, so innovation has a significant meaning to the company.  Enterprises must innovate if they would like to survive! In the old production mode, Marshallom could only produce with the existingmethod; but with the development of the society and the needs of the market, as well as our own development requirements, we must innovate and try to transform hand-made to semi-automatic and even automatic production mode; For the mould making, we transform handmade by masters into the mechanical operation, CNC manufacturing. All mentioned above are traditional innovation, what I would like to stress is innovation on the sales, including sales concept and methods. The market is evolving so fast today, if we insist on the previous sales concepts and sales methods, it is difficult to maintain profits. So instead of waiting the customers to order, we will guide them and recommend the packaging way initiatively. This is my view on the concept of “innovation’”.

II. Future Productsv

When they talked about products, Alan emphasized the main direction of our future products. He said that we are enterprise in packaging industry and how to use packaging to improve the value of customer’s product is customers’ demands on our products, even is a question we have to think about constantly. On the one hand, customers hope us to provide higher quality products at a lower price, which means that we will bear the pressure of the rising raw material costs and labor; on the other hand, customers demand us to provide high-end exquisite packaging for products like caterpillar fungus, ginseng, maca and so on. But at the same time, it may be affected due to the policies limit on the excessive packing for products and other current situations. It seems bad for us. While, in fact, it is our advantage, because the raw material of tin box, iron, is recycled and can be reused. Taking the above two points into consideration, we can design and manufacture better products in the future.  


III. Personnel Training and Incentives

When referred to the issue of personnel training and incentives, Alan said that our strategy is “Talents is gathered by careers, built by policies, meet with love and retained by benefits.” The core of competition among the enterprises in the future will be the competition of talents’ ability.  So we must continue to train and retain talent owing to the reason that cultivates talents can make the enterprise maintain competitive advantages. The revenue of our company attributes to the quantity and quality of the products. As a manufacture, if the order is not up to a certain amount, it is difficult to achieve the target profit. While we will give preferential treatment to our staff and we guarantee that all employees can get their due rewards.


IV. Policy Orientation


At last, they refer to the issue that what policies the entrepreneurs expect the government to take to guide and support when do the enterprise innovation in the future. Alan said that our country and local government has given a lot of support on the policy to processed enterprises, but we can not over-rely on the government. When the government issues the relevant policies, we will actively understand, implement and use them and to make our business developed in conformity with the industrial policy. So accordingly, we can gain more policy support and assurance. However, the key to make the enterprise healthy and with rapid development is to rely on ourselves.