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Good news! MARSHALLOM METAL MANUFACTURE (HUIZHOU) CO., LTD. won the 2021 Outstanding Award in Packaging Industry

Warm congratulations to Meisheng long cans on winning the title of excellent Packaging Enterprise in 2021!

Warm congratulations to Vice President Wu Yanlun, General Manager Chen Shaokang and General Manager Mai Ming (MARSHALLOM METAL MANUFACTURE) on winning the individual title of excellent Packaging!

China Packaging Federation is a self-disciplined industry organization of China's packaging industry, which revolves around the center of national economic construction, adheres to the "three services" principle of service enterprises, service industry and government, and relies on national local packaging technology associations and packaging enterprises. to promote the sustained, rapid, healthy and coordinated development of China's packaging industry.


Recently, the China Packaging Federation awarded outstanding enterprises and individuals in the packaging industry in 2021. Among them,MARSHALLOM METAL MANUFACTURE (HUIZHOU) CO., LTD.and the company vice president Wu Yanlun, general manager Mai Ming, general manager Chen Shaokang all won the unit and individual packaging industry excellence awards.


This selection is based on the catalogue of reserved projects for National Evaluation and recognition and the Administrative measures for the selection and recognition of Outstanding Awards in the Packaging Industry, in order to give full play to the exemplary and leading role of outstanding enterprises in the packaging industry, it can be seen from the voluntary declaration of enterprises, recommendation of relevant industry associations, expert evaluation and extensive solicitation of opinions. Meishenglong can can win this award also reflects the high recognition of the industry for the contribution of Meisheng long can in China's packaging industry. Meisheng can will take this award as the trumpet to continue to work hard and forge ahead. Innovation, green and efficient will be integrated into the work to achieve high-quality development.


marshalom metal manufacture attach great importance to team building, cultivate a large number of high-quality management and professional and technical personnel, and obtain a number of design patents and utility model patents. It has more than 1000 stamping machines and two automatic line production workshops, including more than 30 automatic and semi-automatic production lines, with a monthly production capacity of 30 million special-shaped cans, giving full play to the production capacity of the automatic line to ensure that the order quantity needs of customers are met. Professional tracking team and customer service team can effectively play an important bridge with customers.


Printing machine


Automatic production workshop


Mouid warehoure


Lron material warrehoure


Grade-100000 Bio-Clean Workshop Packaging workshop

美盛隆制罐十万级无尘车间 .JPG

Grade-100000 Bio-Clean Workshop 



Marshallom Metal Manufacture(Huizhou) Co., Ltd. Is a SINO-HK Joint-Venture owned by Marshallom (Holdings) Limited, it was established in 1993 and has 29 years of experience in producing tin box, which allows Marshallom to be one of the biggest tin box manufacturing sites in Asia. The company's main products are various tin box packaging for moon cake、biscuits、candy、tea、gifts and many more. The products are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide including US, Europe and Asia;

The company employs more than 2500 employees, All the process - from the early stage of mould development to the final shipment, are completely finished in-house with confidential.; At present, we have more than 6000 sets of existing moulds , and over 50 technical personnel and engineers involved in mold design and engineering; The raw  material warehouse reserves more than 10,000 tons of metal all year round to meet the demand of our peak season. The company's printing workshop has 5 of the world's most advanced printing machine, 3 coating machine and 2 sets of plate making machine, computer plate making (CTP) machine and a series of advanced supporting equipment; The company has more than 1000 sets of stamping machine, with two automatic production workshops, There are 30 automatic and semi-automatic lines in our production workshops. The introduction of automatic lines saves about 45% of labor costs and increases production capacity by about 40% while greatly reducing the wastage rate.  With our comprehensive facility, our factory can produce up to 30 million tins per month.

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