Shenzhen Restaurant Industry Association Symposium
Discuss development and seek the future together

On April 27, 2022, the party branch of Shenzhen Restaurant Chamber of Commerce was invited by Wu Jian, joint party committee secretary of Shenzhen advantageous traditional Industry Association, honorary president of the chamber of commerce and chairman of MARSHALLOM METAL MANUFACTURE (HUIZHOU) CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Mei Shenglong). Enter MARSHALLOM inspection and exchange.

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The delegation was led by Wang Yingzhi, secretary of the party branch of the Chamber of Commerce, Liu Biuping, deputy secretary, vice president and chairman of Hakka Hui, he Waner, member of the branch, Wang Keming, executive vice president and chairman of Beihai fishing Village, Su Huasong, vice president and chairman of Xintai, Duan Chunhui, vice president and chairman of Xindouji, Wu Jun, chairman of Taoyuan Guantang Bao, Liu Xiangchun, chairman of mechanical and electrical equipment engineering of Xianglong, and Song Yanfeng, general manager of mechanical and electrical equipment engineering. Fan Jiaheng, a partner of Ernst & Young, and other chairmen and senior executives of the company participated in the inspection.

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Upon arrival, the delegation was warmly received by Secretary Wu Jian and senior executives of MARSHALLOM METAL MANUFACTURE (HUIZHOU) CO., LTD.Secretary Wu Jian led you into the garden-style industrial park covering an area of 120000 square meters, introducing that the industrial park adopts advanced environmental protection design, the park uses solar energy to generate electricity to supplement conventional electricity needs, and the irrigation water in such a beautiful park is purified from the production process.


Entering the iron printing workshop, a series of advanced supporting equipment, such as five of the world's most advanced iron printing machines, three coaters, three sets of plate making machines and two sets of computer plate making (CTP) machines, are in constant operation, and workshop workers rush to make orders. In the can workshop, there are more than 1000 stamping machines and two automatic production workshops, including more than 30 automatic and semi-automatic production lines, thus saving about 60% of labor costs and increasing 100% production capacity. the safety factor, product quality and production efficiency of production are greatly improved.
Come to the mold room of the company's product design department, everyone is shocked by its scale, the large-scale mold warehouse has more than 6000 sets of existing moulds, more than 50 technicians and engineers participate in mold design and production to meet the needs of the most picky customers!


At the exchange meeting, Secretary Wu Jian enthusiastically introduced to the delegation that Meishenglong can (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. is a large-scale boutique can production base under the jurisdiction of the Mei Xinlong Group registered in Hong Kong. Founded in 1993, with 29 years of can-making experience, the company's main products are moon cake cans, cookie cans, candy cans, tea cans, hand-held cans, gift cans and other tinplate cans. 90% of the products are mainly sold to more than 50 countries and regions in North America, Europe and Asia. The company conducts trade with countries all over the world in full accordance with international trade rules, and has become a world-renowned professional can manufacturer. And in 2012, it won the honor of Chinese boutique can packaging creative base, which established the company's leading position in iron can packaging.


The company has more than 3000 employees and produces various types of iron cans every month, with a maximum production capacity of more than 30 million. In addition to a large number of production, the technology is also very advanced, especially seamless cans, reaching the world's leading level.

The representative of the delegation said that when I came to Mei Shenglong, I saw that there is a huge room for cooperation between the world's leading cans manufacturing enterprises, the catering industry and can packaging, and the two sides should continue to communicate in depth. We will jointly explore the demand and future development trend of iron can packaging in the catering industry, so as to lay a solid foundation for close cooperation in the future.
In the course of the inspection, Secretary Wu Jian's dedication to the industry he loved for decades inspired all members of the delegation, and only with this kind of love and persistence could the enterprise be the ultimate, become the leader of the industry and win glory for the country, and become an example of "never forgetting the original ideal and ambition to remember the mission".