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Boxes In Warehouse




Since we are a  ONE STOP shop at Marshallom, we can help with all your logistic needs. Dealing with logistics companies can be time consuming and the time difference with China is never convenient. At Marshallom, we understand this want and aspire to make your packing experience as smooth as possible.



Our logistics team provides ocean and air freight services, providing a full solution for customers. Pricing to your door can be provided, to assist with planning and eliminate the need to manage the shipment process.  Leverage our industry expertise to take advantage of competitive rates and ensure a seamless process. 



Scale your business without sacrificing warehouse space by utilizing our customized release programs. We work closely with your purchasing team to understand long term requirements and pre-plan production and fulfilment. This allows customers to reduce costs on storage, take advantage of lower production pricing, and eliminate the need to manage inventory. 

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