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We are a multi-tasking, collectivize, and internationalized open enterprise that has a strong focus on tin packaging. We have more than 3,000 sets of tin moulds available that varies from many shapes, patterns, and sizes that can cater to your needs. Enhancing the value of your goods is our pursuit and our long-term goal.

Our business model is to create a one stop manufacturing facility for our clients. From designing, film production, sample production, mould design, box manufacturing and shipping, everything is done in-house at our facility to ensure the highest quality and standards for our clients.

Our company follows all international standard trading rules and requirements. We provide the utmost security and efficiency while ensuring the best quality for our clients.

We are always exploring new ideas and developing new designs based on our customers’ requirements and needs. We have a wide range of printing techniques and customized moulds ranging from candy containers, stationary items, tea cans, safety boxes, gift packaging, tin ware and much more. We have exported 90% of our products to over 40 countries and districts, including North America, Europe, and Asia.

Marshallom uses both CMYK and Pantone printing methods. Depending on the design, either or both of these printing methods can be used. We are the leader in colour and registration accuracy.

Due to the material of tin, it is possible to emboss the surface to add texture and luxury to your design. Our skills in embossing are well-known and can achieve even the most delicate of details with the ability to emboss as little at 1mm in thickness.

Here at Marshallom, we have a variety of finishes, including spot gloss and matte details, that can further enhance the overall design of your tin.

Whether you’re getting know Marshallom for the first time, or are a long time friend, this company will provide the products and services you need to increase the popularity of your brands globally and turn your vision into reality.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to  CONTACT US  for more information.

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